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      Our completely refreshed backpacking mat line is revolutionizing the way people shop for a sleeping mat.

      The process of selecting your mat can be distilled down to 3 simple steps:


      1. Decide on your use priority

      What's most important to you? Weight and packability? Durability? Price friendliness? Deciding what your top priorities are will help you decide which backpacking mat series will be right for you and your adventure. 

      • Pick the ULTRA series if you're looking for ultra lightweight comfort, the widest range of warmth options, and the most compact & packable mat.
      • Pick the DURA series if you're looking for high abrasion resistance, the highest warmth rating, and comfort in the widest range of adventures. 
      • Pick the VERSA series if you're looking for the best value for camping comfort, or an upgrade in comfort & packability from foam mats. VERSA also comes with the added bonus of a built-in inflation pump. 


      2. Pick how much warmth you need

      What's the lowest temperature you see yourself sleeping in? Use this information to guide your decision on which mat model to choose – it's in the name! The higher the "R" number, the warmer the mat.

      R-value temperature matrix: 1R for summer, 3R for 3-season, 5R for all-season, 7R for extreme cold


      3. Pick a size, not a price

      Once you've chosen your mat series and warmth number, choose the size mat that best suits you. The best part: Our single pricing model means you won't pay more for a different size mat. (Note: Duo mat styles have different pricing than single styles.)

      Ultra 1R Ultra 1R
      Ultra 1R Duo Ultra 1R Duo
      Ultra 3R Ultra 3R
      Ultra 3R Duo Ultra 3R Duo
      Ultra 5R Ultra 5R
      Ultra 7R Ultra 7R
      Dura 3R Dura 3R
      Dura 5R Dura 5R
      Dura 5R Duo Dura 5R Duo
      Dura 8R Dura 8R
      Top view of EXPED Versa 2R sleeping pad in navy with vertical baffles Top view of EXPED Versa 2R sleeping pad in navy with vertical bafflesOut of Stock
      $54.99 $109.95
      Versa 4R Versa 4ROut of Stock
      $64.99 $129.95
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