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When we re-launched our backpacking mat line in 2022, we set out to create a sleeping mat series that was simple to understand & provided a comprehensive set of options for any adventure.

We've broken the decision process into three considerations: intended use, warmth, and size.

  • Intended use

    Our mat names are inspired by their purpose:

    ULTRA when weight and pack size are of utmost importance; DURA for demanding adventures where durability is paramount; VERSA as a versatile upgrade from traditional foam mats, offering great value & ease of use.

  • Warmth

    The name of each mat includes a warmth rating, expressed by the mat's R-value. The higher the number, the warmer you'll sleep at night!

    Our warmth options range from 1R for warm summer nights to 8R for extreme polar cold.

  • Size

    Pick a size, not a price.

    EXPED backpacking mats come in an array of shapes & sizes to fit every body type. No matter what size, you pay one price*.

    *Single & duo styles have different pricing.

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    Recycled brushed polyester face fabric keeps plastic out of landfills and uses less water, energy & carbon during production.


    Texpedloft microfiber insulation welded to the top and bottom of the air chambers ensures maximum warmth over the lifetime of the mat.


    RDS-certified down insulation for use in all seasons, or simply to keep cold-sleepers warm in any weather.

  • Comfort cradle

    Air chambers run head-to-toe, fully supporting the body for an unrivaled night’s sleep & increased durability. Side rails center & secure sleeper on the mat.

  • Welded baffles

    Welded baffles separate air chambers, create a cushioned and stable sleep surface and prevent cold spots.

  • Separate inflate & deflate valves

    Separate large FlatValves provide industry-leading durability, reliability and intuitive performance for rapid inflation & deflation.

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  • Climate Contribution

    EXPED calculates all climate emissions from the production and transportation of all sleeping mats and finances certified climate protection projects through myclimate to minimize our environmental impact.

  • bluesign® Certified Material

    Our backpacking mats use textiles certified by bluesign®, one of the strictest textile standards for environmental & consumer protection in textile production. See product specifications for details.

  • Recycled Materials

    Recycled brushed polyester face fabric keeps plastic out of landfills and uses less water, energy & carbon during production.

  • PFC-Free

    EXPED sleeping mats are free of per- and poly-fluorinated compounds, a group of non-degradable, man-made chemicals commonly used as dirt and water repellants.

  • Responsible Down Standard (7R & 8R)

    RDS is the strictest standard for animal welfare in the production of down. EXPED uses 100% certified down in all down products.

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