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      Backpacker Magazine Winter Gear Guide - EXPED Couloir pack

      Backpacker Magazine Winter Gear Guide - EXPED Couloir pack
      "And though we tried to strain the suspension system over 75 collective days of testing, while carrying up to 30 pounds, the stiff PE board - made of an especially tight-celled foam that repels water - and U-shaped spring-steel arch frame never faltered."

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      EXPED ambassador, Graham Zimmerman's new film: Link Sar

      EXPED ambassador, Graham Zimmerman's new film: Link Sar

      Go Graham!

      EXPED has had a long relationship with Graham Zimmerman. He's an old friend and just happens to be one of the worlds greatest alpinists. We've relied on GZ to take our gear into the wild mountains of the world, beat it up and report back. He's helped us develop tents, packs, sleeping mats and other gear and we're honored to have him take it along on his journeys. 

      Graham's new film, Link Sar, tells the story of the first ascent of the Karakoram giant of that name. It's a story about teamwork and adventure. Here's the press release associated with the film: 


      “Link Sar” Film Online Launch Release Date: October 7th, 2021

      Headline: The short film “Link Sar,” directed by Graham Zimmerman and produced by Bedrock Film Works, will release on October 7th, 2021. It recounts the 2019 Piolet d’Or winning ascent of the 7041m peak Link Sar in the Pakistani Karakoram. The film will release on EpicTV’s online channel. It is sponsored by TINCUP Mountain Whiskey and EpicTV.

      Film Synopsis: The film “Link Sar” is about an elite American alpinist navigating his relationships and motivations while attempting to climb and survive one of the world’s most challenging unclimbed peaks: Link Sar, in the high mountains of Pakistan. The film is told through the eyes of Graham Zimmerman and features his climbing partners, Steve Swenson, Chris Wright, and Mark Richey.

      About Director and Climber Graham Zimmerman: Zimmerman is a multi-disciplined athlete and content producer who excels with complex logistics and strategy. He has climbed new routes in the Pakistani Karakoram, shot films on the volcanoes of the Atacama desert, testified to the US Congress on climate advocacy, and successfully led projects with brands and organizations including REI, Direct TV, and Outside. As an alpinist, he holds leadership roles in various organizations. He has won several prestigious awards, including the gold medal of alpinism (the Piolet d’Or) for first ascents on four continents.

      Links to articles on climb:

      Alpinist - Labyrinths of Granite and Ice (on which the film's voice over was based)

      Rock and Ice - Link Sar Full Report

      American Alpine Journal Article 

      Graham's website: www.grahamzimmerman.com

      EXPED Ambassador, Susan Conrad's new book is for kids!

      EXPED Ambassador, Susan Conrad's new book is for kids!

      Based on Susan's book about her kayak trip on the Inside Passage (Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage), her newest one adapts that story for kids. Inside My Sea of Dreams is beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Rothman and we meet an enchanting cast of characters with each new page.  

      It's available now, most likely in your favorite book store. Check it out on Susan's website: www.susanmarieconrad.com/books


      EXPED's versatile Comfort sleeping bag

      EXPED's versatile Comfort sleeping bag

      Comfort lives up to its name in several important and unique ways. It is cut a little wider than other mummy bags, which makes it less constrictive. Knees can be pulled up within the bag and there's a little more room around the torso for unrestricted movement. There's a separate zipper at the foot, which allows for ventilation in the night and makes it possible for the user to walk around camp while wearing the bag! (Let's face it, nobody wants to get out of their sleeping bag on a cold morning). To complete the conversion to a parka, there's a short zipper on the side of the bag opposite the main zipper, which then allows arms to be free for doing chores, eating a meal or sipping hot coffee. 

      Available in three temperature ratings (15, 20 and 32F) and a women's version built with extra down insulation in the foot and torso sections for greater warmth and tailored to fit a woman’s frame - appropriately shaped for women’s shoulders (narrower than men’s) and provide more room in the hips (rather than a tapering from shoulders to feet in a men’s bag).

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