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      What is the warranty for EXPED products?

      EXPED products carry a 5-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. At our discretion, EXPED will repair or replace any part that fails due to a manufacturing defect. Failures due to normal wear, negligence, and acts of nature can usually be repaired for a nominal charge.

      Need assistance with a warranty or repair claim?

      For customers in the USA:

      Our goal is to keep gear out of the landfill by doing repairs whenever possible. Should you need repair or warranty assistance with your EXPED gear please contact us for a return authorization number.

      To start this process please email the following information to service@expedusa.com :

      • Name
      • Shipping Address
      • Phone Number
      • Product Model/Size/Color
      • Detailed Description of Issue
      • Proof of Purchase
      • Photo of issue

      REI Garage Sale products and used gear are not eligible for warranty replacement.

      For additional assistance, please contact our Customer Service Department using the contact information below.

      Email: service@expedusa.com

      Phone: 866.326.4586 (toll-free) or 206.900.7583

      For customers outside the USA:

      Please contact EXPED Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland by emailing info@exped.com


      LOT Number Reference Guide:

      Here are some general tips for finding the LOT # on each product. A LOT # is either printed directly on the product or will be on a black tag. Older model products will have a small white tag.
      • Tents: There are three places to find the LOT # on most EXPED Tents.
        1. First is on the exterior of the stuff sack. Close to the EXPED logo will be the name of the tent, and you’ll find a black tag printed with the LOT #.
        2. The fly will have it on the perimeter (i.e., Lyra & Outerspace), or if there is an EXPED logo on the door of the fly, it will be printed on the underside of the black tag with the name of the tent (i.e., Orion & Mira HL).
        3. The inner tent will have a pocket with many tags sewn in, the small black tag with the name of the tent will have a LOT # printed on the underside.
      • Tarps: Along the perimeter of the tarp, on the underside, will be a tag with the LOT #.
      • Sleeping Bags: Generally, there will be a collection of tags on a sleeping bag, and among them is a small black tag along the draft collar, or at the foot end for older bags.
      • Mats: There will be a LOT # printed near the valve(s) along the seam, for 2-D mats it is on the bottom and for 3-D mats it is on the side wall.
      • Pillows: There are two styles of pillows, pillows with removable air bladders (i.e., Down, Mega) that do not have LOT # printed; and pillows like our mats (i.e., Air Pillow, Air Pillow UL, Versa, Ultra) that will have it printed on the bottom of the pillow at the center along the seam.
      • Backpacks: on the shoulder harness there are two small black tags, by the slider on the left side (if you are wearing the pack). One indicates the size/style, the other has the LOT #. This also applies to duffle bags that can be converted to be worn as a backpack.
      • Packsacks/Pumpbags/Dry Bags: At the roll top closure there is a black tag that indicates the size of the item, and under is printed the LOT #. Some packsack items do not have LOT #s associated with them.
      • Hammocks: In most cases you’ll find a black tag on the inside of the pouch the hammock comes in, or it will be attached to the hammock.
      • Footwear: On the inside cuff of the item there are two black tags, one with the product name/size and the LOT #.

      For any other products, or if you are having a hard time locating the LOT #, please reach out to us for further guidance, at service@expedusa.com or call 866-326-4586. Thank you!

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