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      What is the warranty for EXPED products?

      EXPED products carry a 5-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. At our discretion, EXPED will repair or replace any part that fails due to a manufacturing defect. Failures due to normal wear, negligence, and acts of nature can usually be repaired for a nominal charge.

      REI Garage Sale products and used gear are not eligible for warranty replacement.

      Need assistance with a warranty or repair claim?

      For customers in the USA:

      Our goal is to keep gear out of the landfill by doing repairs whenever possible. Should you need repair or warranty assistance with your EXPED gear please contact us for a return authorization number. 

      To start this process, please complete the Warranty & Repair Service Request form below. 

      For customers outside the USA:

      Please contact EXPED Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland by emailing info@exped.com.


      LOT Number Reference Guide:

      Here are some general tips for finding the LOT # on each product. A LOT # is either printed directly on the product or will be on a black tag. Older model products will have a small white tag.

      • Tents: There are three places to find the LOT # on most EXPED Tents.
        1. First is on the exterior of the stuff sack. Close to the EXPED logo will be the name of the tent, and you’ll find a black tag printed with the LOT #.
        2. The fly will have it on the perimeter (i.e., Lyra & Outerspace), or if there is an EXPED logo on the door of the fly, it will be printed on the underside of the black tag with the name of the tent (i.e., Orion & Mira HL).
        3. The inner tent will have a pocket with many tags sewn in, the small black tag with the name of the tent will have a LOT # printed on the underside.
      • Tarps: Along the perimeter of the tarp, on the underside, will be a tag with the LOT #.
      • Sleeping Bags: Generally, there will be a collection of tags on a sleeping bag, and among them is a small black tag along the draft collar, or at the foot end for older bags.
      • Mats: There will be a LOT # printed near the valve(s) along the seam, for 2-D mats it is on the bottom and for 3-D mats it is on the side wall.
      • Pillows: There are two styles of pillows, pillows with removable air bladders (i.e., Down, Mega) that do not have LOT # printed; and pillows like our mats (i.e., Air Pillow, Air Pillow UL, Versa, Ultra) that will have it printed on the bottom of the pillow at the center along the seam.
      • Backpacks: on the shoulder harness there are two small black tags, by the slider on the left side (if you are wearing the pack). One indicates the size/style, the other has the LOT #. This also applies to duffle bags that can be converted to be worn as a backpack.
      • Packsacks/Pumpbags/Dry Bags: At the roll top closure there is a black tag that indicates the size of the item, and under is printed the LOT #. Some packsack items do not have LOT #s associated with them.
      • Hammocks: In most cases you’ll find a black tag on the inside of the pouch the hammock comes in, or it will be attached to the hammock.
      • Footwear: On the inside cuff of the item there are two black tags, one with the product name/size and the LOT #.

      For additional assistance, please reach out to our Customer Service Department using the contact information below. Thank you!

      Email: service@expedusa.com

      Phone: 866.326.4586 (toll-free) or 206.900.7583


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