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      At EXPED USA, we are a small but growing team of highly motivated nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts dedicated to bringing you innovative, high-performance outdoor equipment.

      As a subsidiary of EXPED AG in Zurich, Switzerland, we work closely with our European partners to design and distribute gear that we ourselves love to use! Learn more about our founders and the USA team below. 



      President of the board
      President of the board

      Andi, founder and owner of EXPED, is the visionary in the background.

      Andi founded EXPED 30 years ago together with his wife Heidi after coming back from their 2-year trip mostly in the Canadian wilderness and a short stint at an outdoor retailer in Zurich. As a gear and computer freak with a keen eye for detail, he is responsible for all things around innovation and production, especially for his own gear categories like mats, hammocks, bivy bags and ponchos. And together with Betti takes care of all things digital and our IT systems. He is an avid outdoor professional and has now added kite surfing on water and snow to his outdoor activities of choice.


      Heidi, founder and co-owner, runs the shop, is responsible for our sleeping bag category, and looks after the team.

      Rumor has it that Heidi, Andi’s wife, is the EXPED mama. Truth is, it’s true. As long-term General Manager, all issues big and small flew through her hands. She spent months in the Canadian wilderness and later on an uninhabited island in the Great Barrier Reef together with her husband before founding EXPED. Nowadays she and Andi disappear off to Asia in the winter months to supervise production of the EXPED products. In between productions they head for Vietnam and the neighboring countries with their canoe and hammocks.





      Ted spends his days making sure EXPED USA is running smoothly. Additionally, Ted is our main liaison with our partners in the Zurich office.

      Ted is a family man, chicken farmer, boat builder, skier, hiker, and a lifelong paddler. And don’t forget about his fondness for debating the nuances of outdoor gear! His relationship with Exped goes back many years and he’s committed to converting the world to sleeping in Dreamwalker sleeping bags.


      Vice President 

      With his finger on the pulse of our business strategy and our finances, Josh is the guy who makes sure we can keep the lights on and pay for coffee.

      Josh is Mr. Bike right now: road bike, mountain bike, touring bike, tandem bikes. But that doesn't stop him from skiing and backpacking when he's out of the saddle. Josh can also be found (or not found) traveling the world on a regular basis.


      Finance Analyst

      Working as our Finance Analyst, Kevin makes sure that people are happy (HR) and accounted (accounting) for.

      Working as our Finance Analyst, Kevin makes sure that people are happy (HR) and accounted (accounting) for. He has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 20 years, and has seen teal blue colors go out of style and come back again. When out of the office, Kevin and his family hike throughout the Cascades.


      KAJ BUNE
      Content and PR Manager

      Kaj works with the marketing team to help get the word out to the world about EXPED. He’s a lifelong adventurer and photographer and has worked in the outdoor industry for 40 years. He paddles canoes, kayaks and paddle boards and rides bikes and skis of all kinds. Mountaineering and hiking make him smile, too. Sometimes, though, he just sits and watches the trees.


      Director of Marketing and Technology

      Eric is EXPED USA’s chief marketing strategist and oversees the wide array of assets and relationships the company relies upon, both internal and external.

      Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Eric is the quintessential family man and can often be found chasing his kids around in the outdoors. He's a backpacker, hiker, Nordic and AT skier, photographer, trail runner and paddler. These days his favorite piece of Exped gear might very well be the cathedral-like Ursa VI tent - one room for kids, the other for parents!


      ALEX KIM
      Marketing Content Specialist

      Alex, formerly our Customer Service Manager, recently transitioned into an exciting new role in the EXPED USA marketing department.

      Originally from southern California, Alex is enjoying the Seattle area and, like his Exped USA team members, he's an all-around outdoor enthusiast. Hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, cycling, and skiing are certainly on his list of endeavors. And he plays a mean game of ping pong! The rest of the team is looking forward to introducing Alex to the legendary Seattle rain.


      Director of Operations

      Dave's job is the hub of the EXPED USA wheel. He makes sure our products are ready to go when orders come in and sets the bar very high in customer service.

      Dave is hard to keep up with at work and at play. As a year-round cyclist in Seattle, Dave pedals many miles in the rain - and likes it! He is also a backpacker, paddler, skier, and he's a big fan of the Exped Chair Kit.


      Consumer and Dealer Services Specialist

      Annica has served as our repair “guru” specialist for 4 years, and is transitioning within the customer service team to assist our customers and dealers in new ways. She works with Allison, Dave, Kevin and Sarah to deliver outstanding industry service.

      Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Annica immigrated to Washington at age 16. She was an active member of Girl Guides of Canada for ten years until her move, at which time she started volunteering with Washington Search and Rescue. After years of sleeping in the snow, she one day discovered the DownMat, and her life has never been the same. She loves to backpack, hike, snowshoe, cycle, and kayak on her PNW adventures — in a skirt where possible.


      Consumer and Dealer Services Specialist

      Allison works with Dave, Annica, Sarah, and Kevin in our customer service department.

      Born and raised in Washington, Allison loves to explore every wild corner of her home state. She is an avid rock and alpine climber, and also enjoys backpacking, snowshoeing, camping, and kayaking. When she’s not scaling cliffs or trudging up glaciers she can be found tending to her garden or writing poetry and short stories.


      Consumer and Warranty Services Specialist

      Kevin works with Annica in our in-house repair shop to keep all of your EXPED gear in tip top shape.

      Kevin is a longtime fan and user of EXPED gear with 10 years of customer service experience in the outdoor industry. In addition to his time in specialty outdoor retail, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience direct from the field through ultra-running, backpacking, rock climbing, and distance cycling.


      Warranty Service Specialist

      Sarah Wordsworth

      Sarah is a born and raised in Washington. She firmly believes that Seattleites don’t tan, they rust. She has spent most of her hiking career exploring the Central Cascades. She prides herself in being a “slow sports” enthusiast whose extreme sport is hiking. She has hiked many sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, completing over 2000 miles to date. She also enjoys any outdoor time she can get with Steve, her Australian cattle dog, including time in the yard gardening. In rainy months, she is known for her quilting while planning her next adventure.


      Director of Sales

      Born and raised in Virginia, Tracy brings over 20 years of outdoor industry experience to the EXPED team.

      He’s passionate about getting others active in the outdoors and making sure they have the right gear along with them.  When not working, Tracy enjoys skiing, hiking, mountaineering, fly-fishing, mountain biking, and camping. He spends his free time chasing his two kids down the ski hills and when the snow melts chasing them up mountain trails.


      Sales Coordinator

      Nick works closely with Tracy and Kayla in our Sales Department.

      Nick is our Sales Coordinator and brings a wealth of outdoor experiences to the job. Snowboarding, hiking, cycling, mountaineering, fishing, and rock climbing are among his favorite things, so he's a great fit with the rest of the EXPED team. As a Seattle area native he's a great source of many secret spots in our nearby wild country.


      E-Commerce Specialist

      Kayla works in our sales department getting EXPED gear directly into the hands of our customers via ExpedUSA.com.

      Kayla was born and raised in Western Washington. When she's not busy building an awesome online shopping experience, Kayla enjoys hiking, camping, cycling, and off-roading throughout the Pacific Northwest. On days when the great INdoors beckon, Kayla loves curling up with a good book, listening to true crime podcasts, and tending to her many houseplants.