EXPED sleeping mats are climate-neutral!

EXPED sleeping mats are climate-neutral!

After EXPED revolutionized the sleeping mat market years ago with the DownMat, we are now setting an example in terms of sustainable production. From 2021 onwards, all mats will be CO2 offset with Myclimate. This makes our mats the first and only climate-neutral ones on the market.


At EXPED, sustainability has been part of our business philosophy and an ongoing process since the company was founded. We are also concerned with the issue of CO2 and are therefore pleased to take a further step in terms of sustainable production. With the complete offsetting of the mat production as well as the associated supply chains, we would like to show other mat suppliers where the journey has to go from our point of view.


For a climate-neutral product, all climate-impacting emissions throughout the life cycle of a product are taken into account. This means from the production of raw materials to the use of the product and its subsequent disposal or recycling. The amount of CO2 equivalent (global warming potential) calculated in this way is reduced in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects.

> More information about the project we support in Tanzania can be found here.

The fact that EXPED mats are climate neutral from this year on should, of course, be immediately visible. The mat packaging will therefore be provided with new myclimate stickers. The QR code on the sticker leads to Exped's official carbon offset page. The information can also be found on our website at product level.

ABOUT Myclimate

Myclimate is an internationally active initiative with Swiss roots and is one of the world's quality leaders in voluntary CO2 offsetting measures. With projects of the highest quality, the non-profit foundation promotes measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. The voluntary offsetting of CO2 emissions currently takes place in more than 125 carbon offset projects in 37 countries. Since the existence of the myclimate carbon offset projects, thousands of jobs have been created, biodiversity protected and the general living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people improved.


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