MultiMat - perhaps EXPED's most versatile piece of gear

One of EXPED's most versatile items of gear, MultiMat quickly becomes a go-everywhere accessory. 3mm of quick-drying, closed-cell EVA foam is sandwiched between a top and bottom of ripstop nylon, making MultiMat lightly insulating as well as water-resistant. The insulation is just enough to make the front porch a little more inviting, the interior tent floor a bit warmer on a weather day and hot sand more tolerable. But that's just a few of the many uses we've found for this deceptively simple mat. 

Because the three sizes of MultiMat can be folded once, twice or more, its insulation increases in efficiency. With one layer underneath, it has an R-value of 1.4, but with each doubling-up of the mat, R-value increases (it's additive), so MultiMat can be used as a sleeping mat when folded to fit under the torso. And when rough ground is going to be the sleep surface for the night, the effect of sticks and sharp rocks on an inflatable sleeping mat can be reduced. 

Other uses include outdoor yoga mat, picnic mat, adventure-dog bed, sit pad (for multiple people), tablecloth, canoe liner, warm, moisture-resistant ground cloth, car-side mat for changing clothes after an adventure, snow-kitchen bench liner, insulated blanket, camp chair pad/insulator, windbreak, small tarp, hammock liner/insulator. The list keeps expanding as we use MultiMat in the wild. It goes with us on bike tours, car camping, canoe and kayak trips, backpacking outings, day hiking and hanging out in the backyard. It's great when we go to the beach to watch the sunset and is always welcome at a picnic table. 

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