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      Penny C.
      United States United States

      Megamat Max

      I love the new megamat. This is third I have purchased In the last year. I was very disappointed that right after I purchased it at full price I received an email saying they were on sale at 20% off. This happened last year right after I purchased one as well. Bummer! Thank you


      Exped USA

      Hi, we are happy to hear you love your MegaMat Max 15. Check your inbox, we have sent you an email!

      Matthew M.
      United States United States

      Great mattress for home or away

      Easy to use, nice and large and sturdy, great for sleep overs for sure. Have not used it outside yet.

      United States United States

      200+ great nights of sleep on this mat in 2022

      I never write reviews. This mat deserves it. If you're dumb enough to think this is a small mat for backpacking - move on. If you need a home-quality, comfortable, warm, soft, non-squeaky, non-squishy, stable, non-plasticky, soft to the touch, insulated, non-losing-of-air mattress that compresses quite well and is likely better than your home mattress and definitely better than a hotels mattress, keep reading. At the end of 2021, I found myself between jobs. Effective January 1, 2022, I got employed in two different cities, separate from the city where I live by 1.5 hours each.. I hastily bought a "soccer mom" minivan and this mattress, as I knew I could not afford a thousand dollars in hotel costs when I would be away from my home 6 nights per week. From January 2022 to July of 2022, I slept on this mattress, in a slowly evolving kind of van conversion, six nights per week. Most nights it was 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit - some summer nights it did get warm - too warm. This mat kept me warm every cold night (with down sleeping bag used only as blanket - I slept w/o clothing directly on this Exped mattress - no sleeping bag between my skin and this mattress. First on the floor of the van, then on a few iterations of developing van conversion hacks/cots. The most important thing though is that I slept great every single night from this mattress. [Ignore a few nights when outside noises, etc woke me in my stealth camping or July nights when the temperature got to warm to sleep comfortably due to heat.]. My employment situation shifted in late 2022, phew! - and yet I had become so comfortable sleeping on this mat that I still do sleep on it. I've taken it in to hotels, my parents house, an airport 3x, and to my friends homes and inflated this mattress and slept on it, on top of other beds (or on the ground) because my body is used to it and it is more comfortable than hotel beds, my parents extra bedroom bed, or the airport ground. I'm writing this review as I lay on the mat in an Oregon Camp ground in the "set-up" I finally established. If all goes as planned, I will be living out of my van more intentionally, and on purpose from end of Summer 2023 through Winter of 2023 because of this air-mattress's comfort, that makes it perfectly pleasurable to get a good nights sleep in my van, every single night. In the first week I used it, it saved me money from what would have been my hotel costs. And, had I been sleeping in hotels night after night, I don't think I would have made it January 2022 to July 2022 with my weird job/commute/travel situation. With this mattress, though, I slept well six (6) nights per week, for 7 full months . . . and I still *enjoy* sleeping on it. And, with the exception of needing to find "the sweet spot" for comfort for how I sleep with how much inflation to put in the bed . . . for most of the 200 nights I slept on the mattress from January to July of 2022, once the mattress was inflated, I never had to deflate or re-inflate it. I'd say there was a stretch of at least 100 nights where I slept on the mattress w/o adjusting a thing. It never deflated. Never lost air - only had to moderate with temperature changes which have their scientifically factual shift - and/or only had to moderate the bag when I packed it up for other purposes. And, if you put a vacuum to the deflate port, you can get this thing down quite small . . . but never small enough for back-back camping, of course.

      Thomas R.
      United States

      New Owner

      Have not really used it yet but tested it for a few min….feels amazing.

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