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Susan Conrad

Susan Conrad is an author, speaker, and EXPED-sponsored adventurer. As a seasoned expedition kayaker, she has spent years crafting a career for herself as an "Adventurepreneur." Susan uses storytelling and photojournalism to share her experiences with audiences big and small, inspiring us all to persevere and find success in all areas of our lives.

Her paddling accomplishments include solo paddling the Inside Passage twice, a journey that she calls her "Mount Everest."

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Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage

From the publisher:

The Ocean is calling me. This is my Journey.

With these words, in the spring of 2010, Susan Marie Conrad scaled her world down to an 18-foot sea kayak and launched a solo journey that took her north to Alaska. With no sense of where she belonged in space and unreconciled feelings of a painful childhood following her, she decided that instead of running away, she would run toward her dreams. Her adventure took her along the western coast of North America, through the Inside Passage--a 1,200-mile ribbon of water--in a journey of the sea and soul.

The expedition took her deep within herself, humbling her, healing her, helping her to discover the depths of her own strength and courage. On her way from Anacortes, Washington, to Juneau, Alaska, she grappled with fear and exhaustion, forged friendships with quirky people in the strangest places, endured perilous weather and angry seas, and pretended not to be intimidated by 700-pound grizzly bears and 40-ton whales.

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