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      What is R-value?

      R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. It indicates the efficiency of insulation by measuring its resistance to heat transfer. The higher the number, the slower the rate of heat transfer through an insulation. In EXPED sleeping mats, higher R-values help sleepers retain the heat their bodies generate and the result is the pleasant and sometimes elusive condition called warmth!

      Do you use any harmful chemicals on mats?

      All fabrics used in our sleeping mats are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. This means they are free of any flame retardant and DWR (durable water repellency) chemicals.

      Can I use an electric pump to inflate my mat or pillow?

      You can use the EXPED Widget electric pump to inflate your mat. The Widget is relatively low power and can be used for all EXPED mats and pillows. We do not recommend the use of any electric pumps other than the Widget because overinflating your mat or pillow can cause irreparable damage.

      What products can I use to repair my mat?

      We include textile glue in our repair kits that is designed for field use because of its short dry time. Follow the instructions in the repair kit that came with your mat.  For even faster, more permanent repairs we recommend the EXPED Mat Field Repair Kit.

      Do not use rubber cement, duct tape, or plumber’s tape to try to repair punctures, tears, or valves.

      How should I store my mat?

      Store your mat in a cool, dry place, unrolled with the valves open and out of reach of pets with claws.

      How can I clean my mat?

      The first step is to make sure all valves are fully closed. We recommend cleaning your mat with warm water and a mild soap. Do not use bleach to clean your mat. If needed, you can use a rag or soft sponge to carefully scrub the mat. After using soap, rinse it well. The mat should air dry after cleaning. Do not put your mat in a washing machine or dryer.

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