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      Kevin J.
      United States United States

      Just like my bed but in my car!

      This mattress is as comfortable as my bedroom bed, but it fits my Model Y perfectly and stores in the frunk or sub-trunk. It’s super comfortable and I can’t wait to camp in my Tesla again soon!

      Troy O.
      United States United States

      The best for camping in your Tesla

      The MegaMat Auto sleeping pad fits perfectly in our 2023 Tesla Model Y. This sleeping pad is very comfortable and gives the both of us plenty of shoulder room to lay on our backs. The initial inflation setup does take time but now it inflates quickly and rolls back up in the storage bag with no problem. We leave it with the valve open, as recommended, in the spare room until needed for the next trip. Definitely worth it, especially with its 5 year warranty.

      Liliana O.
      United States United States

      Comfortable enough for the road

      I definitely think that many of the mattresses on the market for teslas are made with men in mind. While this was comfortable to sleep in for me (5'4'' about 130lbs) along along with my 55lb dog, I don't know how comfortable it would be for a much bigger man. What I found most difficult was deflating it when I needed to pack it up in between rides. My weight alone is not enough to pack it down to the size it was when it was delivered. Because of this, it may not fit in the frunk properly because you can't get it to deflate enough. It got to the point that I would just fold it in half and put my seats up. I bought the small electric pump and tried deflating it with that but it wasn't much help for deflation but great for inflating. On one of my stops to visit my BIL, at over 6ft and 200+lbs it was easier for him to deflate it for me. I would recommend finding something to assist with deflating it to make it more compact that that you can pack more things in the frunk along with. I felt it was comfortable enough for my long road trip if a few months. The combination of the air+cushion was good. I bought a regular mattress cover as I don't see the value of paying for that expensive cover. You can get by with either a queen for full size bed sheet if you want it more tighter. I contemplated amongst 3 different products and settled for this one because of its supposed compactness. I used it to sit inside my car at a drive-in moving theater. just set up pillows and watched from the front windshield, avoiding mosquitoes with camp mode on.I think it's definitely a nice additional use to it. If I could find a small pump to deflate it as compact as it came, I would give it 5 starts.

      United States United States

      Fits (tightly) in Model 3 as well

      For anyone wondering, I was able to use this in my Model 3. It’s a little snug fitting on the sides but works. It is super comfortable! I suggest removing the rear seat bench (see YouTube videos) so the back seats lay nearly flat. You can store the rear bench in the dashboard. Place a towel or something down where the bench was so that the material of the seat backs isn’t damaged when you fold them down.

      Joseph F.
      United States United States

      Amazing. simply the most comfortable mattress I've ever used camping or almost just sleeping in general

      This mattress is amazing. Plain and simple, it does the job, it fit the model y perfect, inflated easily and was so comfortable. I am a back sleeper and have a pretty sensitive back for harder mattresses or mattresses that don't support properly. This mattress was just perfect and I was amazed at how comfy it was. Got an amazing night of sleep in my Tesla and can't wait to go again. My wife was shocked at how comfortable it was and woke up smiling with how awesome it was. Buy it, worth every dollar.

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