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      Susan Conrad is an author, speaker, and EXPED-sponsored adventurer. As a seasoned expedition kayaker, she has spent years crafting a career for herself as an "Adventurepreneur." Susan uses storytelling and photojournalism to share her experiences with audiences big and small, inspiring us all to persevere and find success in all areas of our lives.

      As a sequel to her Inside Passage paddling trip in 2010, a journey that she calls her "Mount Everest," Susan will again set off along this 1,200-mile path from the San Juan Islands to Sitka, AK. Departing on May 14th, she will spend nearly 3 months navigating the Inside Passage, at times by a slightly different course than her original voyage in 2010. 

      Visit Susan's website for details on her upcoming trip and paddling route.

      Below you will find a sampling of the EXPED gear Susan will be taking along with her on her journey. We wish her the best of luck as she undertakes this challenging and exciting expedition.


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