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MegaSleep Duo 25 (Seconds)

MegaSleep Duo 25 (Seconds)

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Temperature Range

Comfort temp: 40 °F
Limit temp: 25 °F
Extreme temp: 5 °F


M: 70.2 oz
L: 80.8 oz


M: 63 x 78.7 in
L: 63 x 82.7 in

Fits up to body size

M: 75 in
L: 79 in

Packed Volume

M: 14 L
L: 14 L


Sleeping bag, mesh storage duffle



Buy gently used gear & factory seconds.

Reduce waste.

Your purchase of secondhand and lightly used gear keeps good, usable gear out of our planet's landfills and out on the trail where it belongs.

Not only that: It also comes at a much lower cost than brand new equipment, making acquiring new gear budget friendly for newbies and seasoned pros alike.

We regularly go through our office, showroom and repair shop for gear that's ready to move on to new adventures (with you!), so be sure to check back often to see our latest offerings. We've been known to post some pretty cool & unique pieces...

Terms of sale


Original product photo pictured; not actual item.

Items are sold as-is. Condition will be represented to the best of our ability.

All sales of used gear and "seconds" items are final. 

Used gear and factory seconds will not be covered by EXPED's traditional warranty policy servicing new gear, however, it is important to us that you love the gear you use and use the gear you love – for as long as possible!

Should your gear need a little attention, repair and maintenance services are always available through our world-class repair shop in Tacoma, WA for a fee. Send any inquiries to and let us help keep your gear adventure-ready for years to come.

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Product Description

CONDITION: Factory Seconds

This product doesn't quite meet our high quality standards to be sold at full retail price. Rather than chucking them into the waste bin, we're offering them to you at a reduced cost!

All items are in brand new condition; however, they may display slight deviations from the craftsmanship and durability we all expect in EXPED products. Production errors may be present, including, but not limited to, poor zipper alignment and below-standard seam stitching and materials.

That being said, each sleeping bag is still perfectly usable, hence the great deal!

Comes with mesh storage duffle.


If you've ever wanted to try out a piece of EXPED gear but don't wish to pay full retail price or if you simply have an eye for a great deal, now's your chance! 

The MegaSleep Duo 25 is a supremely versatile 4-in-1 sleep solution, offering multiple configurations and temperature ratings. It covers couples and solo sleeping with warm and cool night options. Simply flip the bag over to change the amount of insulation on the top side - dark blue side up for cool nights (down to 25°F) light blue side up for warm nights (down to 40°F). Also, each side can be converted into a solo bag or blanket, creating one for cool nights and one for warm nights. 

In-House Gear Repair Services

Our goal is to keep gear out of the landfill by doing repairs whenever possible. Learn more about how to submit a warranty or repair claim.

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